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Bitchkoin is a new way to enter in the NFT world, you can play games, collect NFT, exchange NFT, trade NFT, improve NFT and at same time use NFT in the real world.

Each bitchkoin NFT include commercial licence and 3D models animations, illustration of the characters, you can print your own tee-shirt and even sell real goodies with the licence included.

You can play games using or not your NFT, you can play games and create later NFT from items you will collect for free in games. On top of that as long you have at least one NFT in your wallet, you will passively win a share of each transaction made by other users using our bitchkoin token and NFTs.
For the first that you will have a NFT secure by real money because each time a NFT will be sold, exchange, trade, improved, the NFT will store inside 30% of the fees we collected.

Bitchkoin nft will use bitchkoin token for exchange and reflection, so bitchkoin token have a fix value, later after DAO milestone we will let players convert their ingame coin into bitchkoin token with a dynamic value.
The main idea is really to secure all our digital assets.
Our model is simple, when you will sell a NFT on our marketplace you will pay 20% fees and the buyer will pay 10%, so we will collect 30% fees on all transactions. Thus we will protect user about front running in case they would like to buy assets using coin like Ethereum.

At the begining we will offer to users some liquidity pools on pancakeswap for Binance users and on Uniswap for Ethereum users.

We will have polygon ( MATIC ) and Solana also really fast to our candy machine where users will be able to mint new NFT to give to users solution with minimum external fees. We plan to add Avax, ADA and MEX liquity pool and let users mint on different blockchain as soon these block chain will improve their EIP protocol at least up to 2981.
Clash Of Hentai

4 Mechanisms:

Reflection 30% of our fees collected are distributed to all our NFT owner based on the number of NFT they have in their wallet.

Safety deposit box, 50% of our fees are directly converted into bitchkoin token and put inside the NFT after mint and/or each trade.

Intellectual property warranty, 10% of our fees are redistributed to game studios and 10% to the artist who created the NFT.

Anti whales protection, you improve linearly your reflection income up to 8 NFT in your wallet then we reduce the value of user share to be sure nobody could control even 1/10000% of all available fees share.

Clash Of Hentai

All players have to cumulatively collect 500 000 cards

All players have to cumulatively win 500 000 pvp battles.

All players have to cumulatively win 500 000 pve levels

Unlock the next arc by completing all the following quests

Unlock the next arc by completing all the following quests

Unlock the next arc by completing all the following quests

Unlock the next arc by completing all the following quests

Clash Of Hentai